Your Donation Impacts Their Education!

In 2013, a small group of education-minded supporters identified a need to help the teachers and staff at Dunlow Elementary School improve the children’s reading scores.   In this tiny, economically disadvantaged town of Dunlow, WV in the Appalachian Mountains more than 95% of the children attending this public school come from families whose wages are below the poverty line, as jobs have left this region with the closing of coal mines.

Over $40,000 was raised and used to purchase, deliver, and refurbish a building that became a dedicated library space for the children at Dunlow Elementary School.  Over 8,000 books were donated and the children set new school records for their reading activity and comprehension!  The school raised their WV state reading scores immensely in the years that have followed.  The dedicated teachers and staff only needed the resources to help take the children to new educational heights!!

Now in 2017, we are raising money to continue to support the library as well as provide much-needed upgrades to the school’s playground equipment.  Your donation will go directly to the school and will fund the purchase of new playground equipment, as well as fund continued improvements to the school, the library and funding a librarian.